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Chunking down step 2

The next step to develop the project was to create the „capitals” of the columns. The base for it was a rectangle, scaled and divided as shown in the following algorithm:

Plan of the divisions of the column’s capital.

Then the reversed pyramid form is created and the lines from the last step can be projected on it. In the middle of the form, there is a circular opening that will be the base for the cylinder column.

The capital of the column.

The algorithm for the wavy roof has been changed. Now the idea is to create one full module (column, capital, and piece of the roof) and then multiply it by the array (in the previous step the „array” was done before). To obtain proper wave (with upper parts on the borders) the following steps have been taken:

The algorithm for the wave.
The base for the wave of the roof.
Multiplying curve to obtain a proper wave.
The green part is the one which is necessary for the roof.

Next, the column’s capital was moved to be placed next to the wave, and the wave was scaled to have the same dimensions as the one side of the capital.

Scaling of the wave and moving of the capital.
The capital’s movement.
The final step for that moment.

The next step will be to consider how to join those two shapes together to obtain one module of the structure.



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